Until there’s comprehensive women’s health education, these pranks only confuse impressionable women and girls.

I was strolling Twitter the other day and came across an elaborate Tiktok prank. It read “throwback to when men didn’t know we had to peel off layers of our skin after our period…” as the Tiktoker peeled off a facemask. …

When a book is so good, you can’t help but spiral when it ends

  1. Hate yourself for finishing the book so damn fast. You knew better. You know yourself enough to know emotionally diving into a 48-hour book coma would result in the despair you’re currently feeling.
  2. Get actually drunk so your real hangover will mask the sense of loss consuming all of your…

Do you still feel stuck after months or years of traditional talk therapy?

A few months ago I was talking to my therapist about a frequent conundrum I found myself in. I would be triggered by something and after a few moments, I could mentally battle myself into a safe and secure headspace. I could bring my awareness to the present moment and…

Bring out your inner director and screenplay writer…reimagine a scene that didn’t quite hit the mark for you.

May Writing Contest

This contest is for all of our aspiring screenplay writers! And just anyone who has a bone to pick with a director. I want y’all to get creative and reimagine a scene (or movie/TV show) with your own directoral flair.

As always the contest will run until the last day…

Faith Ann

Escapades of a 20-something-year old! Writing about relationships, culture, and whatever else pops into my messy mind! https://faithann.substack.com/

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