Dr. Oh Ji-wang is perfection in a pill bottle.

Credit: Netflix

*Beware of spoilers*

A few months ago I was captivated by the Korean Drama “It’s Okay Not To Be Okay.” Everything about it was beautiful. The acting, the writing, the location, music, illustrations, discussion of mental illness. Truly, all wonderfully done. Please stop reading and go watch it on Netflix.

But one of the aspects of the show that struck me the most was the empathetic and creative healer/doctor/director of OK Psychiatric Hospital, Dr. Oh Ji-wang. I have watched a lot of doctor TV shows in my life and never before…

Until there’s comprehensive women’s health education, these pranks only confuse impressionable women and girls.

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I was strolling Twitter the other day and came across an elaborate Tiktok prank. It read “throwback to when men didn’t know we had to peel off layers of our skin after our period…” as the Tiktoker peeled off a facemask. The video has over 20 million views and if you know it’s a joke, it can be rather funny.

Credit: TikTok

The more alarming part of these pranks is the 190k comments, which almost all go along with the prank. Even commenters who reply with confusion or disbelief are inundated with men and women (mainly women) replying with versions…

Every aspiring author should spend some time on Archive of Our Own.

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About a year ago, I stumbled upon some TikToks discussing favorite fanfics (i.e. books or short stories based on already established works of fiction like Harry Potter, Star Wars, or the MCU). I never got into fanfiction when I was a teenager, so I thought why not and dived into a 500-word staple. A year later and I can firmly say I love fanfic. I’m still surprised how many fantastic free full-length novels there are out there about some of my favorite characters. I love being able to experience expanded versions of worlds I already fell in love with.


When a book is so good, you can’t help but spiral when it ends

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  1. Hate yourself for finishing the book so damn fast. You knew better. You know yourself enough to know emotionally diving into a 48-hour book coma would result in the despair you’re currently feeling.
  2. Get actually drunk so your real hangover will mask the sense of loss consuming all of your brain cells. The $12 vodka will numb the pain.
  3. Write a haiku called Despair

Oh beautiful book

How I miss you so very much

Mourn you forevermore

4. Spend Saturday brunch with the girls replaying your favorite scenes in your head. Excuse yourself from the post-brunch Farmer’s market because your…

Do you still feel stuck after months or years of traditional talk therapy?

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A few months ago I was talking to my therapist about a frequent conundrum I found myself in. I would be triggered by something and after a few moments, I could mentally battle myself into a safe and secure headspace. I could bring my awareness to the present moment and mentally rationalize what was happening. But my body, that was a whole different story.

My body would be slowly sinking into trauma responses. I could feel my body shut down as my brain viciously battled to keep us afloat. To no avail, my body would slowly but surely drag my…

Faculty and professors don’t care enough

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This past semester, I was a research assistant at the University of Michigan. My task? Help one professor decolonize their syllabus and implement decolonial changes in the classroom. Each professor who volunteered to be part of the initiative was paired with two research assistants and agreed to certain deliverables (land acknowledgments, updated syllabus, etc.).

When I learned about the opportunity, I was beyond excited to impact readings and classroom practices. I had long been a student who would attend office hours just to give a professor suggestions on how to broaden their syllabus beyond old, white, European males. …

Bring out your inner director and screenplay writer…reimagine a scene that didn’t quite hit the mark for you.

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May Writing Contest

This contest is for all of our aspiring screenplay writers! And just anyone who has a bone to pick with a director. I want y’all to get creative and reimagine a scene (or movie/TV show) with your own directoral flair.

As always the contest will run until the last day of the month: May 31st, 2021. Winners are announced about 4–5 days into June to give late admissions a fair chance.

This month’s writing contest prompt:

Write an article about your take on a scene. This prompt is very loosely defined, so be creative with it! The author with the…

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Happy May everyone! I don’t know about you but it seems no matter who I ask, everyone is rewatching shows and movies these days. I for one am currently rewatching the MCU movies, I am up to Captain America: Civil War. I will say, some definitely pique my interest more than others (aka any movie that has Tony in it, he’s just marvelous). I think everyone is turning to more comfort shows while we patiently wait for vaccine distribution.

What are you re-watching?

Our publication’s goal remains a place for writers to have nuanced, interesting, and fun dialogues about all…

April Writing Contest

Photo by Annelies Geneyn on Unsplash

Recently I’ve been spending my random free time reading various fanfics and oh my, has it been a joy. I love the alternate universe and expansions of existing storylines. I extend a round of applause to all fanfic writers who provide their beautiful stories to the world.

But all this reading has gotten me thinking about the intersection of film and movies!

As always the contest will run until the last day of the month: April 30th, 2021. Winners are announced about 4–5 days into May to give late admissions a fair chance.

This month’s writing contest prompt:

Write an…


Happy award season to all my cinephiles! Although I must admit, with pandemic apathy at a new peak, I have barely kept up with the nominations let alone watch any award shows. Growing up, I loved watching the Oscars. I would print out the nominations and predict the winners. I would try my high school hardest to watch all the nominated films before the Oscars, but inevitably catch some after the curtain call.

In recent years, my love for award season has waxed and waned. I think I’ve slowly become disillusioned by the Academy’s unwillingness to effectively respond to just…

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