April Writing Contest

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Recently I’ve been spending my random free time reading various fanfics and oh my, has it been a joy. I love the alternate universe and expansions of existing storylines. I extend a round of applause to all fanfic writers who provide their beautiful stories to the world.

But all this reading has gotten me thinking about the intersection of film and movies!

As always the contest will run until the last day of the month: April 30th, 2021. Winners are announced about 4–5 days into May to give late admissions a fair chance.

This month’s writing contest prompt:

Write an…


Happy award season to all my cinephiles! Although I must admit, with pandemic apathy at a new peak, I have barely kept up with the nominations let alone watch any award shows. Growing up, I loved watching the Oscars. I would print out the nominations and predict the winners. I would try my high school hardest to watch all the nominated films before the Oscars, but inevitably catch some after the curtain call.

In recent years, my love for award season has waxed and waned. I think I’ve slowly become disillusioned by the Academy’s unwillingness to effectively respond to just…

ughhh I was so disappointed with maze runner, they just butchered the books for not even great movies. I haven't read Chaos Walking so I may watch the movie because a book won't be ruined. But the trailer is messy at best. Honestly, the leads and other people having loved the book is the only thing drawing me in, so I guess? marketing done well

How women have shaped, influenced, and been represented in film.

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March Writing Contest

March is Women’s History Month and I would love to read some stories about women in film! What’d you think about Endgame’s all-woman (minus Peter Parker) moment? Was it forced or perfect? Should the Oscars have different categories for actors and actresses? Let’s get talking:)

February wrap-up and March writing contest.

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Happy (Belated) March Everyone,

Oof! I’ll keep this newsletter short because it’s been a rough start to this month. When I’m struggling with my mental health, I fall into two categories when it comes to consuming media. I either am completely absorbed and use film, TV, podcasts, and music to escape. Or I avoid media altogether because the escapism gives me anxiety. As we are coming up on a year of the pandemic (and longer for various parts of the world), I think a lot of people are struggling with mental health. …

Love this story, definitely in the same boat. I'm glad it's getting warming out for sure.

“Bad parent” shouldn’t be a shameful phrase when it can be a jumping board for improvement.

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I often talk to my friends and even strangers about their childhood. Having a difficult childhood myself, I am curious about how others view their upbringings. Did they feel loved, secure, and nourished? Did they feel their parents provided the groundwork for healthy adulthood? Do they identify major flaws in their parent's actions or inactions? The responses I’ve received are not the most optimistic. So many of my peers agree there was a lot their parents dropped the ball on and a lot they needed to relearn or heal from. …

Highlighting upcoming art projects and Black creators.

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As Black History Month comes to a close, I think it is important to remind readers and writers alike that justice-based conversations and supporting Black artists cannot start and end during the month of February. Real change comes from continuous action and reflection.

So I want to share some pages and upcoming projects for everyone to look out for in the film community and beyond.

An awesome newsletter to follow:

Nia Simone McLeod is a writer, content creator, and pop culture enthusiast from Richmond, Virginia. She runs a weekly newsletter focused on inspiring creators of color. Subscribe and support here: https://ohwrite.substack.com/welcome

Books by Black Authors Coming Out in 2021

Two wonderful book lists…

Toxic and unhealthy portrayals of love are common, let’s explore some positive ones.

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The other day I was watching Grace and Frankie, and while I love that show, a realization hit me. Their relationship is entertaining to watch but it really isn’t healthy. There is lots of love but it gets expressed poorly and they hurt each other in the process. It got me thinking, so much of our cinema intake surrounds unhealthy relationships, whether than be romantic, platonic, or familial.

So this month (which has a “holiday” dedicated to romance), I want to challenge writers to watch and explore healthy interpersonal relationships in cinema. So that as a society we can learn…

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