Toxic and unhealthy portrayals of love are common, let’s explore some positive ones.

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The other day I was watching Grace and Frankie, and while I love that show, a realization hit me. Their relationship is entertaining to watch but it really isn’t healthy. There is lots of love but it gets expressed poorly and they hurt each other in the process. It got me thinking, so much of our cinema intake surrounds unhealthy relationships, whether than be romantic, platonic, or familial.

So this month (which has a “holiday” dedicated to romance), I want to challenge writers to watch and explore healthy interpersonal relationships in cinema. So that as a society we can learn…

January Wrap Up and February Writing Contest.

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Happy February Everyone (my least favorite month to spell),

I hope everyone had an okay start to the new year, I know “okay” is the best to hope for with the current craziness that is our world. Sending virtual hugs to everyone.

One of the greatest and most challenging things about running this publication is I’m constantly exposed to films and TV shows I’ve never heard of that I immediately want to dive into. So thank you amazing authors for keeping my watchlist perpetually long, I appreciate you. Although I’ll probably never get to all of them, a person can…

When small acts of violence against women are normalized, the danger gets ignored.

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One evening during my senior year of college, I did my laundry in my apartment’s shared laundry room at the very college-y hour of 1 am.

After dozing off longer than I should have, I went downstairs to grab my freshly cleaned clothes only to find the dryers emptied. I frantically searched the small laundry room, I left it down there a little longer than I should maybe someone moved it to put in their own laundry? Aside from a few abandoned socks on the floor, the room was empty and my clothes were nowhere in sight.

Immediately I started…

When we don’t have the vocabulary, it feels like trying to explain an airplane to someone who has never seen a wheel.

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In my life, especially in the past 6 or so years, I’ve struggled immensely with mental health. I’ve had consistent nightmares, which are thankfully just starting to ease up. I’ve battled panic and anxiety attacks. I’ve spent months where I ignored deadlines and instead laid in the dark, unable to find the willpower to do anything productive…even struggling to feed myself. And while my coping mechanisms have evolved throughout the years, one grounding technique that has remained constant is diving into research.

I’ve always loved school and loved learning outside of the classroom. As someone who learns best from reading…

The film community has a responsibility to always uplift Black voices, not just the month of February.

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Most people are unaware that the first “blockbuster” and “box-office” hit was The Birth of a Nation. The film came out in February of 1915 and was originally titled The Clansman, a fitting title for a film that glories the Klu Klux Klan. Prior to the film, the KKK, which was founded in 1865, had lost most of its popularity and was mostly a regional hate group. After The Birth of a Nation, the KKK was revitalized. Recruitment skyrocketed, bolstered by the Jim Crow legal system, among so many other deeply evil aspects of society.

The film bolstered the idea…

The deeply individualistic and apathetic mindset of “I suffered to pay off my loans, so you should too” is suffocating our society

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This morning while I was self-deprecatingly scrolling through Twitter when I stumbled upon a tweet for AOC calling on the Biden administration to cancel all student debt in response to a headline reading “Biden’s secretary of education paused student loan payments and put interest rate at 0%.” I went into the replies to find, unsurprisingly, tweet after tweet with the same message: canceling debt is unfair, I had to pay my loans off and others need to do the same.

People are right to say the system isn’t fair. The system wasn’t fair to anyone who was required to…

Your career and opportunities will be better for it.

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This past month I was fortunate enough to interview a high-profile professional in the film industry, Lizzy Talbot who worked behind the scenes on Netflix’s Bridgerton. I wrote an article about the show and shared the article, when she offered to talk more about the topic I jumped at the opportunity. Until I realized she’s a high-profile professional who might want to be compensated for her time. I didn’t exactly have $150 to blow on a zoom chat, in the hopes I could break even later.

Luckily for me, Lizzy was super sweet and understanding that I am new to…

Lizzy Talbot explains what an intimacy coordinator does and how the role is revolutionizing the safety of simulated sex on screen.

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Credit: Shondaland Studios

I recently had the honor of interviewing Elizabeth “Lizzy” Talbot, an intimacy coordinator and intimacy director for both film and stage, respectively. Her latest project, Bridgerton, has taken the world by storm and is projected to become the 5th most-watched Netflix original series. Bridgerton’s highly talked about sex scenes have been on everyone’s mind, but the relatively new role of intimacy coordinator is still largely unknown outside of the industry.

Below is our conversation about her role, challenges, and triumphs.

Why did you make the career change from fight choreography to intimacy director?

What I noticed when working with fight work is that there are so many protocols, rules, and technicalities about what…

Share which show, movie, or performance changed your life!

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New Year Writing Contest

The first couple of days in January are usually marked by new years resolutions. However, 2020 was such a crazy year I think resolutions are far from a lot of people’s minds. Here enter’s the cinema that have inspired us to change, be better, and do better. The contest will run until January 31st, 2021.

This month’s writing contest prompt:

Write an article about a movie, TV, or stage production that has inspired change in your life. This prompt is very loosely defined, so be creative with it! The author with the most views and highest interaction will win a…

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Happy New Year everyone!!

Happy New Year, I hope everyone is staying safe and sane during the second round of quarantines! 2020 has been a wonderful year for Cinemania, with so many new writers sharing their nuanced thoughts on film, TV, pop culture, and stage. I am very excited for everyone’s take on cinema in the new year. So thank you everyone for the very stimulating community.

As we approach the new year, our publication’s goal remains a place for writers to have nuanced, interesting, and fun dialogues about all things Cinema. …

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