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This past month I was fortunate enough to interview a high-profile professional in the film industry, Lizzy Talbot who worked behind the scenes on Netflix’s Bridgerton. I wrote an article about the show and shared the article, when she offered to talk more about the topic I jumped at the opportunity. Until I realized she’s a high-profile professional who might want to be compensated for her time. I didn’t exactly have $150 to blow on a zoom chat, in the hopes I could break even later.

Luckily for me, Lizzy was super sweet and understanding that I am new to the world of journalism, she just wanted to share about her much needed position of an intimacy coordinator. But before we talked I made a plan in case she did request financial compensation. …

Lizzy Talbot explains what an intimacy coordinator does and how the role is revolutionizing the safety of simulated sex on screen.

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Credit: Shondaland Studios

I recently had the honor of interviewing Elizabeth “Lizzy” Talbot, an intimacy coordinator and intimacy director for both film and stage, respectively. Her latest project, Bridgerton, has taken the world by storm and is projected to become the 5th most-watched Netflix original series. Bridgerton’s highly talked about sex scenes have been on everyone’s mind, but the relatively new role of intimacy coordinator is still largely unknown outside of the industry.

Below is our conversation about her role, challenges, and triumphs.

Why did you make the career change from fight choreography to intimacy director?

What I noticed when working with fight work is that there are so many protocols, rules, and technicalities about what you can do with fights. It’s all quite formulaic. Whereas when you’re working with intimacy, it’s quite different because there weren’t really any rules. It was kind of like a free for all. And you were often resting on the good graces of your partner. That was your safety net. …

Share which show, movie, or performance changed your life!

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New Year Writing Contest

The first couple of days in January are usually marked by new years resolutions. However, 2020 was such a crazy year I think resolutions are far from a lot of people’s minds. Here enter’s the cinema that have inspired us to change, be better, and do better. The contest will run until January 31st, 2021.

This month’s writing contest prompt:

Write an article about a movie, TV, or stage production that has inspired change in your life. This prompt is very loosely defined, so be creative with it! The author with the most views and highest interaction will win a $15 New Years’ gift of their choice. …

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Happy New Year everyone!!

Happy New Year, I hope everyone is staying safe and sane during the second round of quarantines! 2020 has been a wonderful year for Cinemania, with so many new writers sharing their nuanced thoughts on film, TV, pop culture, and stage. I am very excited for everyone’s take on cinema in the new year. So thank you everyone for the very stimulating community.

As we approach the new year, our publication’s goal remains a place for writers to have nuanced, interesting, and fun dialogues about all things Cinema. …

It’s hard to recognize the good without losing sight of the bad.

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It’s been a few months since I last had a conversation with my father. I’m not sure when I’ll have a conversation with him again. Part of me wants to write I’m not sure if I’ll have a conversation with him again. All I know is right now and for the foreseeable future, there is not a healthy or beneficial relationship to be had, which breaks my heart.

But what breaks my heart, even more, is reckoning with two very divergent sides of my dad. There’s the part that I love and cherish. Then there’s the part that haunts my nightmares and causes me to sob uncontrollably. …

December Newsletter and Happy New Year Everyone.

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(Below is a copy of my recent newsletter on Substack! Not sure if I’m going to keep uploading my newsletters on Medium so follow my Substack for more if you want more)

Hi Everyone!!

As usual, my apologies for not keeping up with my newsletter, but fingers crossed I will be leaving that behind in 2020. For the longest time, I’ve known the importance of a newsletter for aspiring writers but couldn’t figure out a way to make it unique and mold the forum to my liking. But! …

Finally a show with sex scenes catered to women and focused on women’s pleasure.

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Credit: Netflix Studio

*Spoilers ahead!*

If you watch TV on any network or platform other than ABC, Fox, or NBC, you are well acquainted with sex scenes. It’s nearly impossible to watch any episode from the first season of Game of Thrones without a brazen brothel scene.

It isn’t just HBO either, tons of shows include very explicit sexual material. It is the meta now. Even when I was watching The Queen’s Gambit, I was surprised at the lack of sex scenes. Not that the show needed sex scenes, far from it. …

For people with troubled pasts, the holiday season isn’t always cheerful.

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I used to think holidays were sacred family time. I believed it full-heartedly, after all, isn’t that what everyone is taught to believe? I used to force myself to believe that narrative, even when my body warned me otherwise. I would ignore the sudden onset of anxiety around November, worse than my usual day-to-day anxiety. The pit in my stomach that grew? I’d fill it with holiday food and ignore it.

When I was little, I remember one holiday where my dad’s family kicked us out after a particularly egregious fight between my dad and grandpa. On another holiday, my immediate family packed up quickly and left my mom's parents for a minor incident that turned chaotic. …

So, I stopped writing.

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Last fall I started my writing journey on Medium, I thought it would be a place to heal and grow. Writing has always been a form of solace for me, now and when I was a child. I remember when I was thirteen, I wrote a fictional manuscript mirroring my own life. It was my way of coping. After years of consciously and subconsciously pushing myself down into a void, writing has been a safe way to explore my trauma and who I am.

I started on Medium with an expressed goal of working through my childhood trauma but it proved much harder than I expected. So I wrote about my relationships — the good and bad, — my sexuality, justice issues, and random topics I felt passionate about. …

What will the new year bring to the world of cinema?

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End of Year Writing Contest

As we inch toward 2021, I am interested in publishing stories that wrap up this crazy year and stories that look to the future. The contest will run until January 1st, 2021.

This month’s writing contest prompt:

Write an article that either discusses how 2020 impacted cinema or what you think the future of cinema will look like. This prompt is very loosely defined, so be creative with it! The author with the most views and highest interaction will win a $25 New Years’ gift of their choice. The top three submissions will be featured in the next newsletter.

Some prompts to get you…


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